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A favorite of both locals and tourists, Felfelais considered a signature in Downtown, the heartof Egypt’s capital, specializing in oriental Egyptian cuisine. Felfela is one of the first restaurantsto introduce the Egyptian oriental cuisine in the sophisticated frame of fine dining with acasual atmosphere.

The Felfela legacy began by Amina Zaghloul in 1959 to be specific.Moreover, Felfela has stood the test of time by continuing to innovate and enliven the traditional Egyptian dishes, while providing a unique and familiar dining culinary experience.

Felfela speaks to people of all ages and tastes, as anyone can find a favorite dish in our widely varied menu, from food enthusiasts for whom exploring new genuine cuisines as a hobby and an interest to families and individuals who are looking for a one-of-a-kind experience in an equally unique setting.Our menu features Egyptian authentic traditional dishes like foul (fava beans), Taamia (falafel). As well as, beef, lamb and chicken creatively prepared, vibrantly presented, and influenced by the true Egyptian cuisine. At Felfela, guests enjoy the aspirational casual dining experience in heart of Cairo, the capital of the land of Pharaohs. We invite you to a taste all the best things our land has to offer , an innovative Egyptian cuisine and the warmest hospitality.

Memory Lane

Our Story

A trip down memory lane! A series of events has happened since Felfela opened its door in 1959. Here are some of our highlights during the 61 years in the business.


Our journey began in 1959, A.Zaghloul opened her very first Felfela branch with an overhead counter in Downtown, the heart of Cairo. A.Zaghloul always wanted to turn her passion into a real place that serves healthy orienta lEgyptian breakfast to all social classes of the Egyptian society. She saw the potential in an overhead counter in the heart of Cairo “15, Hoda Shaarawy St. Downtown” (in the same location it stands today) with a menu serving traditional Egyptian breakfast (Foul, Falalel,etc..).


A.Zaghloul was constantly looking for ways to grow and expand.The business grew to include 5 small tables through an alley way serving only 10 seats dining. Felfela later on added chicken and meat dishes to its menu to diversify the options.


Felfela expanded and increased the capacity from 10 dining seats to 112 dining seats with a decorated design of tree trunk tables, stoned flooring and translucent daylight ceiling.


Felfela by that time was named "Fefela Garden".With hard work and dedication, Felfela built a reputation of serving the most authentic Egyptian dishes with unique recipes in town


The full-menu made its first debut, bringing all Egyptian cuisine food including vegetarian,cooked and grilled meat dishes to the table


Felfela celebrated its milestone; 25 years of continuous success.


26 years after A. Zaghloul started Felfela, she was able to expand her business concept withan extension to serve at least 250 seated customers, with 7 branches on board in every hot spot through Cairo and mouthwatering sea view Hurghada branch.


Hardwork pays off. Felfela received “The International Gastronomic Grand Prix 1992”. Thisaward is given “in various ways to individuals or institutions working in the worlds ofGastronomy andFood at an international level.


Alaa Zaghloul, the son of Amina Zaghloul, introduced the new concept of on the go service know today as“Felfela Express” making it possible for Felfela customers to order Egyptian fast food sandwiches and meals through takeaway service.


The legacy of Amina Zaghloul has passed on to her son Alaa Zaghloul who has handed down her secret recipes and passion. He took charge and became the owner of Felfela Garden, thus becoming Felfela


Felfela has been separated from the rest of the branches to make sure that the reputation and quality of cuisine is still at its best.


Felfela Express has introduced its Home Delivery service.


Felfela celebrated its milestone; 50 years of continuous success.

2016 - 2017 - 2018

Felfela has been awarded the certificate of excellence from Trip Advisor for 3 consecutive years.


To be continued...Together, let’s write the Felfela’s history.


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